Mission statement

To provide evidence-based, accessible, proactive, high quality, comprehensive healthcare services for our patients that inspires the next generation of clinicians.

Our Vision

  • We aim to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients in a safe and welcoming environment. Our doctors and staff are approachable, respectful, and patient-centred
  • We aim to be constantly engaged in evidence generation and implementation through research at the forefront of modern general practice with a focus on long term conditions
  • We aim to be a Centre of Excellence for teaching and training of medical students, GP Registrars
  • By using the right health care professionals for the right clinical problems, we will continue to foster resilience by through a multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • We will seek to collaborate with PCN partners to respond to local needs
  • We aim to use technology smartly to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our administration, patient contact and clinical activity

Our Values

Duty of Candour:

  • We consistently respond politely, exhibit attention, compassion, understanding, and value each person for who they are. This goes for both patients and employees.
  • We make sure to accept accountability for our deeds and to be upfront and honest with those that utilise our service.

We are professional:

  • We work hard to provide our patients with high-quality medical treatment that is sensitive to their individual and community-wide medical needs.

We are caring:

  • We strive to make the care of our patients, our first and foremost concern.

Date published: 19th December, 2022
Date last updated: 23rd August, 2023